To save this word, you'll need to log in. The musician piped a tune. See More Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Better approaches to mitigate biofouling fouling of pipes by barnacles or algaecorrosion, and other degradation during long deployments. March 3, property owner reported theft someone broke into his vacant home and stole 20 feet of copper pipes. Her family once was cited for bulldozing them.

Send us feedback. See more words from the same century From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Is It 'Down the Pike' or 'Down the However it gets here, be ready for it. Dictionary Entries near pipe pipage pipal pip card pipe pipe amygdule pipe-band pipe beetle.

Accessed 19 Apr. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for pipe pipe. Entry 1 of 2 : a long, hollow tube for carrying water, steam, gas, etc. Entry 1 of 2 1 : a long tube or hollow body for carrying a substance as water, steam, or gas the exhaust pipe of a car underground water pipes 2 : a musical instrument or part of a musical instrument consisting of a tube as of wood or metal played by blowing or having air passed through it 3 : bagpipe — usually used in pl. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

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I hear some big changes are in the pipeline. In ice hockey, field hockey, or lacrosse, playing the position of goalkeeper. The word "pipes" refers to the pipe-like bars that make up the frame of the goal. It should be a great game—I hear the new goalie is a demon between the pipes. Remember, when you're between the pipes, you are the last line of defense! Do I need to use a hash pipe with this stuff? Typically said of or by a man. Teenage boys often have an obsessive preoccupation with laying the pipe as soon as possible, which is reinforced by peer pressure from their male friends or schoolmates.

A task that is easily, effortlessly, or certain to be accomplished. I've been running marathons for years now, so this 5K run will be a lead-pipe cinch for me. Everyone assumed her election would be a lead-pipe cinch, so it shocked the entire nation when she lost.

I could not help piping my eye at the thought of my dear, sweet son being away from home for Christmas. To supply something or some place with a gas or liquid using one or more pipes.

A noun or pronoun can be used between "pipe" and "in. We just need to pipe water into the house and it will be ready for us to move in. To play music in something or some place through speakers.

I wish the foreman wouldn't pipe same crappy radio station into the building site every single day on the job. To remove some gas or liquid from something or some place using one or more pipes. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pipe" and "away. Piping groundwater away from the construction site should be our first priority.

To become quiet and calm; to stop being loud or boisterous. Often said as a command. OK, class, pipe down! Let's begin our lesson, shall we? We piped down when we realized he was trying to tell us something important. A dream or idea that is impossible to accomplish.The earliest pipes were probably made of bamboo, used by the Chinese to carry water c. The Egyptians made the first metal pipe of copper c.

Until cast iron became relatively cheap in the 18th cent. Modern materials include cast iron, wrought iron, steel, copper, brass, lead, concrete, wood, glass, and plastic. Welded steel pipe is made by bending strips of steel into the form of a tube and welding the longitudinal seam either by electric resistance, by fusion welding, or by heating the tube and pressing the edges together.

Seamless pipe is made from a solid length of metal pierced lengthwise by a mandrel with a rounded nose. Steel pipe, introduced in the early 20th cent. Cast-iron pipes, which came into common use in the s, resist corrosion better than steel pipes and are therefore frequently used underground.

Clay and concrete pipes usually carry sewage, and concrete pipes are also used to carry irrigation water at low pressures; for moderate pressures, the concrete is reinforced with steel.

Seamless copper and brass pipes are used for plumbing and boilers. Because of its softness and resistance to corrosion, lead is used for flexible connections and for plumbing that does not carry drinking water. The chemical and food industries use glass pipes. During World War II manufacturers developed plastic pipe to replace metals that were in short supply.

Today PVC pipe is widely used to carry waste water as well as certain corrosive liquids.


A pipeline carries water, gas, petroleum, and many other fluids long distances. In laying oil or gas pipeline, to ft to m sections of seamless steel pipe are electrically welded together while held over a trench. Before being lowered into place the pipe is coated with a protective paint and wrapped with bonded epoxy or polyethylene sleeves; unwelded sections are typically precoated in the factory.

Oil pumping or gas compressor stations located 40 to 75 mi 35— km apart boost the dwindling pressure back up to as much as 1, lb per sq. The piping must be kept clean, either by applying a negative electrical charge to the pipe or by regular use of a "pig," or scrubbing ball, inserted at one end and carried along by the current. An oil pipeline 6 in 15 cm to 24 in 60 cm in diameter will move its contents at about 3 to 6 mi 5—10 km per hr.

Water has been moved since ancient times in pipelines called aqueducts aqueduct [Lat. The flow in aqueducts is ordinarily by means of gravity, although pumps are often used. Click the link for more information.

The first natural-gas and petroleum pipelines in the United States were built during the 19th cent. Today in many parts of the world pipelines are an extremely important means of transporting diverse fluids.

The Trans-Arabian Pipeline, which carries oil from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean, is over 1, mi 1, km long. There are more thanmikm of pipeline in the United States alone. One of the tubes usually measures from mm to mm long, and the second, from to mm.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! Natural gas, piped from the Kansas fields, is used for light and power, and electricity for commercial lighting and power is derived from plants on Spring River, near Vark, Kansas, and on Shoal creek.

Natural gas is piped from southern Kansas for manufacturing and domestic use. The city's industrial history dates from 18 20, when a small factory for the manufacture of scythes and sickles was set up.

Natural gas, piped from Butler county, was early used here as a fuel in the iron mills. Natural gas for domestic use and for factories is piped from the Kansas gas fields. Much of the natural gas is piped out of the state into Ohio even into the northern partsKentucky, Pennsylvania and Maryland; within the state gas has been utilized as a fuel in carbon black and glass factories.

Natural gas is piped to Frostburg from the West Virginia fields, m. This is in general around the lower part of the pipe, so that here is a second motive for rejecting the piped part of the ingot.

Newark is the trade centre of an agricultural region, which also abounds in natural gas and coal; natural gas is piped as far as Cincinnati. While the facility lacked artificial ice, piped in waltz music, a snack bar and a Zamboni, there was no fee charge and it was lighted for nighttime use, making it a very popular spot.

Jackson piped in, "If finding out you're a vampire didn't drive Skippy away, I'm sure his parents' opinion of you won't. Nearly latrines have been constructed begun rehabilitating existing piped water systems in Machinga District. The sleeve front featured the band in piped blazers with a Penny Farthing logo appearing on the rear.


He had obviously not been listening properly and piped up with, ' I want dippy donuts too '. Back to top Piped music Query: I am doing some preliminary investigations into the idea of having piped music around our school.

I made fairy cakes and covered them in white icing and piped a chocolate spider web on them. His dress uniform would be decorated with gold lace but here the detail is a piped edging made of superfine white wool. This is tailored garment, again with seven brass general service buttons to the front, which is piped in white. Then the haggis was piped in with the warbling notes of the pipes played with gusto by Alison McLaren. This steam is then piped to turbines, which produce the electricity you use to power your home.

Shoppers are enticed by the array of clothing items, accessories and the mood set by alternative rock genres piped throughout the store. They can still make use of cake toppers, fresh flowers, intricately piped borders, and most of the features that any tiered cake has. Round cakes look particularly nice when covered in buttercream and piped with borders at the tops and bottoms.

Some simply placed fresh flowers or fresh fruit can be just as lovely as piped frosting and are natural ways to add color. A shell border would adorn the top of each tier, with more detailed shell piping and piped white buttercream designs on the sides of each tier.

Make mini-egg sugar cookies, decorate, and place upright on top of a cupcake covered in green buttercream, piped with the grass tip. Number cake: On a standard round or rectangular cake, form the number 40 with fruit slices, small candies, piped frosting, or a powdered-sugar stencil.

Have them floating around a larger leprechaun, shamrock or pot of gold image, whether piped or made from modeling chocolate or fondant. If you are bringing dessert to an adults-only party, consider making a cake with a piped image of a leprechaun enjoying his own green-tinted beer out of a large mug. Piped flannel pajamas have a hint of color at the seams, although they can be sewn in any style from boxy to fitted. Made in Italy, it is a two-button style with a center vent, leather buttons and piped lining.

Some of them are colored, others are piped or otherwise trimmed, and still others have Asian or pin-up inspiration. Piped Nightgowns: Piped nightgowns feature a touch of color.

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Sexy blonde bitch sucks stiff big black 28 min Sekulazoranito - Laila Mason meets black monster dickr dick 6 min Bbcaction - 2M Views. Black dude fucks sexy ebony teen girl 5 min Wank Pass - For the enormous quantities of clean water that are piped in, an equal amount of sewage is piped out.

They were piped up out of the earth in a time before any witness was, but here they are. All the water has to be piped in, and there is no obvious source. I piped up my objection, but it was the canonical term and there was no chance I would succeed in changing it. And of course with the Dabney field it could be piped back to Earth if any sponsor wanted it. At night, when the hammocks were piped down, the three went to theirs in the forepart of the ship.

The hammocks were piped down, those who were intoxicated were put to bed, and the ship was once more quiet. Great cemented aqueducts were built to carry it across valleys; it was piped through hills. Sandy piped and gave them all he made, which was little enough. In addition to the idioms beginning with pipe.


Advertisement top definitions quizzes related content examples explore dictionary british scientific idioms and phrases pipe 1. Usually pipes. Verb Phrases pipe downSlang. Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6—12 to find out! Words nearby pipe pip emmapip-emmapipapipagepipalpipepipe battenpipe bombpipe claypipe cleanerpipe cutter. Words related to piped venthoseductsewervessellinepipelinetransmitsiphoncanalconduitconveyeraqueductspouttroughmainchannelcarryfunnelconvey. Example sentences from the Web for piped For the enormous quantities of clean water that are piped in, an equal amount of sewage is piped out.

From Powder Monkey to Admiral W. Peter Simple Frederick Marryat. The Happy Golfer Henry Leach. Also called: pipeful the amount of tobacco that fills the bowl of a pipe. Also called: volcanic pipe a vertical cylindrical passage in a volcano through which molten lava is forced during eruption.In addition, the Act contains various provisions to facilitate the use of electronic documents.

The act was also intended to reassure the European Union that the Canadian privacy law was adequate to protect the personal information of European citizens. However, there are a number of exceptions to the Code where information can be collected, used and disclosed without the consent of the individual.

Examples include reasons of national security, international affairs, and emergencies. Under the Actpersonal information can also be disclosed without knowledge or consent to investigations related to law enforcementwhether federal, provincial or foreign. Exceptions may include information that would likely reveal personal information about a third party, information that cannot be disclosed for certain legalsecurityor commercial proprietary reasons, and information that is subject to solicitor-client privilege.


Inthe law was expanded to include the health sector. Finally inany organization that collects personal information in the course of commercial activity was covered by PIPEDA, except in provinces that have "substantially similar" [8] privacy laws. The PIPEDA sets out ground rules for how private sector organisations may collect, use or disclose personal information in the course of commercial activities.

PIPEDA also applies to federal works, undertaking and business in respect of employee personal information. The law gives individuals the right to access and request correction of the personal information these organisations may have collected about them. In general, PIPEDA applies to organisations' commercial activities in all provinces, except organisations that collect, use or disclose personal information entirely within provinces that have their own privacy laws, which have been declared substantially similar to the federal law.

In such cases, it is the substantially similar provincial law that will apply instead of PIPEDA, although PIPEDA continues to apply to federal works, undertakings or businesses and to interprovincial or international transfers of personal information. The Act does not create an automatic right to sue for violations of the law's obligations.

The Commissioner is required to investigate the complaint and to produce a report at its conclusion. The report is not binding on the parties, but is more of a recommendation. The Commissioner does not have any powers to order compliance, award damages or levy penalties. The organization complained about does not have to follow the recommendations. The complainant, with the report in hand, can then take the matter to the Federal Court of Canada.


The responding organization cannot take the matter to the courts, because the report is not a decision and PIPEDA does not explicitly grant the responding organization the right to do so.

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